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In a thrilling novel set in a bleak dystopian future, experience the journey of one girl as she struggles to break free out of the world she is confined in. 
Trapped in a whirlwind of heartbreaksadness, and hope, she must learn to push forward and focus on survival- even if that means leaving her past behind.



After Violet Lee gets kicked out of her last school for pulling too many pranks, she transfers into the prestigious all-girls boarding school, Somerset Academy, for sixth grade, just hoping for a good school year—good friends, good teachers, and good food.

Jessica Covington—the school’s long-reigning queen bee and talent show champion—wants the same exact things. But when the pair decides to compete against each other in the upcoming talent show, they’re thrown into a frenzy of prank wars, girl drama, and catfights.

As the events of the story unfold, both girls come face to face with each other and grapple with the decision to remain rivals or come together as friends; they might just have to realize that sometimes, it takes a change in perspective to thrive in a world where there are two sides to every story.

"Write your STORY because one day, it'll be the INSPIRATION for somebody else to write THEIRS."


11 P.M.

Black rain pours, we hold rituals dispelling death, not a partial second too late; a surgeon gives instructions on removing the PVC pipes clogging our hearts; men grieve their youth and learn to love the shadows in the mirror.

When the sun rises—and the sun never fails to rise—clouds burn with the urgency of a fever dream, breaching shadows and streetlights, the smoke and sublime; we wake; we hope; we march as one and fold light into the farthest sides of the moon.

Hi! My name is Emma Victoria, and I'm a writer living on the West Coast! I'm the author of eight books (five which are published) and a mentor/advisor for young aspiring writers, teaching over 200 students in the last two years. Check out my recent releases down below!